On Demand Online Video System: Maximise Your Chance of Fast UK Visitor Visa Approval

your highest chance of getting your uK visitor visa without being denied

After 13 years of refusing thousands of UK visitor visas as a Visa Officer with the UK Home Office and over 20 years of UK Immigration experience, our Step-by-Step self paced online video system will show exactly how to avoid YOUR application being refused.

Don't miss out!..
  • Step-By-Step Online Video Programme to Maximise Chance of UK Visitor Visa Approval

  • Former UK Home Office Visa Officer Insights & Tips

  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Online Video System Until Your Visa is Approved

  • Plain English Advice

  • Access Application Materials to Maximise Chance of Approval

  • Access Approved Resources

  • Time-Saving Tools and Templates

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This is for you if...

End the Visa Application Guesswork: Achieve Clarity and Confidence with Immtell

you're Looking for step-by-step guidance

You're interested in a straightforward, on-demand video course that breaks down the complex UK visa process into manageable steps, making it easy to follow and apply.

you're Eager for Expert knowledge

You're seeking the insider tips and advice from a former Home Office Visa Officer, aiming to prepare a standout application that maximises your chances for fast approval.

you're in Need of Low cost support

You're after expert guidance that fits your schedule and budget, offering professional insights and support at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services.

you're Determined For Success

You're determined to approach your visa application with certainty, with resources designed to prepare your case effectively and expedite the approval.

Our Step-by step video System Supports the Following reasons for visiting the uK

For tourism

For business (not work)

To see family living in the UK

What visa applicants Say About Our Video Service

"Immtell was a lifesaver! I was anxious about my visa application, but their 24/7 platform made it so easy and reassuring. Good value for money!"

Tourism Visitor Visa

Arjun - India

"Thanks to Immtell, what seemed daunting became simple. The constant access to their resources eased my worries, and the affordable cost was a pleasant surprise. My family visa was approved without any complications."

(Family Visitor Visa)

Ngozi - Nigeria

"Their expertise brought me immense relief during my UK visa application. The low fee is unbeatable, and having access to their lawyers to review my application was a game-changer."

Business Visitor Visa

Farhan - India

We've Helped 244 People Apply for a UK Visit Visa Since January 2024

The UK Awaits: Transform Your Visa Dreams into Reality with Expert Guidance

From Insider to Guide: The Journey Behind Your Success Path

Real Impact, Real Results: Our video step-by-step system showcases our proven blueprint for success. Through our comprehensive guidance, applicants have transformed confusion into clarity, and dreams into reality.

Insider Knowledge for Your Advantage: Why learn from us? Because we offer what no one else can: real, insider knowledge from a former Home Office Visa Officer. This unique perspective is your secret weapon in navigating the visa process effectively.

A Clear, Achievable Path: We've distilled the complex visa application process into a few straightforward steps. Our approach demystifies each part of the process, making your success not just a possibility, but a clear outcome.

Empowerment Through Learning: This is the essence of our programme. If you're seeking to understand the ins and outs of achieving UK visa approval with confidence and efficiency, our step-by-step guide is designed for you.

A Peak Inside The System

Why Our Step-By-Step Visa Video System is the best path to success

With countless other paths out there, here's why our on demand video system maximises your chance of UK visitor visa approval

 The old way:

Here's what people normally do..

  • Confusing Requirements: Navigating complex visa guidelines with little to no guidance.

  • High Costs: Engaging traditional lawyers meant exorbitant fees, often without the promise of approval.

  • ​Lack of Accessibility: Limited support hours, making it challenging for applicants working around personal and professional commitments.

  • Information Overload: Sifting through countless sources, unsure of what’s current or relevant.

 The New way:

Here's what our successful video system users do..

  • Simplified Process: Our step-by-step online video guide clarifies the UK visa application process, making it understandable for everyone.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Access expert advice at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services, with transparent pricing and exceptional value.

  • 24/7 On-Demand Access: Prepare your visa application at your own pace, whenever and wherever suits you best, with unlimited access until your visa is approved.

  • Expert Insights: Benefit from insider knowledge from a former Home Office Visa Officer, providing you with the secrets to success and avoiding common pitfalls.

This is NOT For You if...

Our step-by-step video visa system is not for everyone...

  • You have previously had a visa refused for the UK or any other country

  • You have overstayed a previous visit to the UK

  • You do not intend to leave the UK after a short visit

  • You have previously been removed or deported from the UK

  • You are awaiting trial for a criminal offence

  • You intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months

  • You have a criminal conviction

  • You have an outstanding NHS medical bill

  • You do not have any family or social-economic ties to your country of residence

What you will learn: Maximise Your Chance of Fast Visa Approval

When you access the video system you will learn exactly how to maximise the chance of your visa approval

#1 Clarity in Complexity

  • Understand every requirement with crystal-clear explanations.

#2 Your Insider Advantage

  • Leverage former Home Office insights to elevate your application.

#3 Cost-Effective Solution

  • Access expert UK regulated guidance without the premium price tag.

Exactly what you receive when you Access the system today

here's Everything you will receive Instantly upon sign-up

On Demand 24/7 Accessible Video System. Typical Modules Include (tailored to your reason for visiting the uk)

Dive into a journey of seamless UK visa application with Immtell, where every module is a stepping stone to your visa success, meticulously designed to convert your aspirations into reality.

  • Understanding the Requirements: Demystify the prerequisites of your UK visa application. This module eradicates the confusion and sets a clear path forward, ensuring you start on solid ground.

  • Overview of the UK Visitor Visa: A comprehensive breakdown that transforms complex legal jargon into understandable insights, shedding light on the visa process and what it entails for you.

  • Demonstrating Eligibility: Tailor your application to prove you're the perfect candidate. This section focuses on overcoming the hurdle of eligibility, guiding you on how to showcase your intentions and genuineness effectively.

  • Preparing Your Application: Forms and Supporting Documents: Navigate the paperwork maze with ease. We simplify the daunting task of gathering and organising your documents, making submission a breeze.

  • Submission of Application Online: Step-by-step assistance in taking your application from draft to submission, eliminating technical glitches and user errors that could delay your approval.

  • Attending Biometric Appointment: Get ahead with insider tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your biometric appointment, ensuring a smooth experience without any surprises.

  • Application Processing: Understand what happens behind the scenes after you submit your application. This knowledge helps manage expectations and eases anxiety during the waiting period.

  • Application Decision: Prepare for all possible outcomes with a plan of action, turning the moment of decision from a potential stress point into a step towards your goal, regardless of the result.

Links and useful Downloads

Navigating the UK visa process requires not just knowledge but the right tools at your fingertips. Our system goes beyond traditional guidance to offer you two key resources: Template Support Letters and Direct Links to the Correct Government Application Forms. Together, they form a powerful duo that streamlines your application process, ensuring you present the strongest case possible to the authorities and reduces the chance of refusal.

  • Template Support Letters: Gain access to proven templates that enhance your application, providing a professional edge and addressing common pitfalls that lead to rejection. Tailored depending on your reason for visiting the UK. For example, family sponsorship letters or business invitation letters.

  • Direct Links to Government Application Forms: The foundation of a successful visa application is using the correct form. With our direct links to the latest government application forms, you eliminate the risk of using outdated or incorrect versions. This not only saves you time but also shields you from the unnecessary stress of application delays or rejections. It's about making sure your journey towards securing a UK visa is as smooth and efficient as possible.

here's a breakdown of everything you get today.

Get an exclusive look into everything you'll be learning to start succeeding. 

Premium Visa

Review Package

  • Step-By-Step Online Video Programme to Maximise Chance of UK Visitor Visa Approval

  • Former UK Home Office Visa Officer Insights & Tips

  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Online Video System Until Your Visa is Approved

  • Plain English Advice

  • Access Application Materials to Maximise Chance of Approval

  • Access Approved Resources

  • Time-Saving Tools and Templates


Essential Visa Navigator Package

  • Step-By-Step Online Video Programme to Maximise Chance of UK Visitor Visa Approval

  • Former UK Home Office Visa Officer Insights & Tips

  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to Online Video System Until Your Visa is Approved

  • Plain English Advice

  • Access Application Materials to Maximise Chance of Approval

  • Access Approved Resources

  • Time-Saving Tools and Templates


Ultimate Visa

Support Package

  • All of the features of the Essential Visa Navigator Package +

  • Receive a bespoke legal support letter written by a UK regulated immigration lawyer

  • Your case will be presented to the Home Office to ensure the highest chance of success

  • Our Ultimate visa support package!


Meet Gavin, Our Director

From Border Posts to Boardroom Strategies

Gavin Webster, Director of Immtell

Building Foundations

Gavin's journey in immigration began in 2003 with the then-UK Immigration Service. His frontline role, involving passport checks and interviews, laid the groundwork for his deep understanding of immigration processes.

Diplomatic Expertise: Sharpening Skills

Gavin’s diplomatic roles in Paris, Nigeria, and South Africa as an Entry Clearance Officer and Manager further refined his visa processing and management expertise.

Corporate Insight: From Government to Private Sector

Transitioning to a Home Office Compliance Officer, Gavin audited UK businesses, gaining vital insights into corporate immigration needs.

A Leader in Consultancy: Innovating Solutions

Gavin's shift to the private sector saw him excel at EY and later at PwC and Vialto Partners. As a Senior Manager, he led major immigration programmes, advising on sponsor licences, business visas, compliance, strategy, and cost efficiency.

Expertise Rooted in Experience

With a career spanning frontline enforcement to strategic business advisory, Gavin's comprehensive experience equips him with a unique perspective on the complexities of UK immigration.

Immtell: A New Approach to Immigration Consultancy

In 2022, Gavin founded Immtell, combining his extensive experience with innovative technology. Immtell is dedicated to delivering insightful, efficient, and client-focused immigration consultancy services leveraging cutting edge technology to reduce costs.

Frequently asked questions

All your questions answered so you can make the right decision before moving forward and getting started!

Why is the price so affordable? Are you really offering expert advice?

Our on demand video system is designed to provide maximum value at an accessible price point. We've streamlined our resources and utilised technology to deliver expert advice more efficiently. Our director's extensive experience as a former UK Home Office Visa Officer ensures you receive insider knowledge and strategies, all aimed at maximising your chances of visa approval. Our affordability doesn't compromise quality; it reflects our commitment to making expert guidance accessible to more applicants.

How do I know Immtell is a legitimate and trustworthy service?

Immtell is led by Gavin Webster, a former UK Home Office Visa Officer with over 20 years of experience in immigration. We are dedicated to transparency and success. Our testimonials and the growing number of visas approved with our guidance speak to our legitimacy and commitment to helping our clients. Additionally, we are based in the UK, regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice at Level 1, our number F202200109 which can be verified HERE. We operate in full compliance with legal regulations, further ensuring our credibility and reliability.

Will I really receive all the information I need to maximise my chance of visa approval?

Absolutely. Our video system is comprehensive, covering every aspect of the UK visitor visa application process. From understanding the requirements to submitting your application and everything in between, we provide detailed step-by-step video guidance, template support letters, and direct links to the correct government application forms. Our aim is to equip you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to maximise your chances of visa approval.

Is the system easy to use for those who aren't tech-savvy?

Yes, our system is designed with ease of use in mind. The step-by-step system is delivered through an intuitive online platform that's straightforward to navigate, even for those with minimal tech experience. Plus, our support team is always on hand to assist with any technical queries, ensuring you can focus on your application without any technology-related stress.

When will I get access to the System and Videos?

Immediate access! Once you enroll in our system, you'll receive instant access to all video and download materials through your dedicated portal. This means you can start learning and preparing your visa application right away, at your own pace and on your own schedule

I'm looking for peace of mind. How can your additional services help?

For those seeking an extra layer of confidence, we offer an add-on service where your application can be reviewed by a UK regulated immigration lawyer. This review is conducted through your dedicated portal, ensuring personalised feedback that enhances your application's strength. It's an ideal option for applicants who want the reassurance of having their application vetted by a legal professional before submission.

What documents are required to apply for a UK visitor visa ?

As a UK tourist visa applicant, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a genuine reason for visiting the UK, can maintain and accommodate yourself during the visit and have sufficient ties to your home country to show the authorities that you have an intention to leave the UK. Although you may be sponsored by a third party, the Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) will consider your own personal circumstances too.

What is the visitor visa duration and the number of entries allowed to enter the UK ?

It is permitted to apply for UK tourist visas with a validity period of; 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years with varying applicable fees. However, the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) has discretion and may issue a visa with a shorter validity period than applied for. Usually UK tourism visas are valid for multiple entries to the UK during the validity period indicated on the vignette.

How much time is permitted to stay in the UK with a visitor visa ?

The maximum time permitted to stay in the UK at any one time is 6 months. Tourist visits must however not lead to living in the UK through frequent and successive visits. As a starting point, the individual should not spend more than 6 months in the UK in any rolling 12-month period, although this is a guide only and not stated in the immigration rules. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry has the authority to make an assessment on the individual’s intentions which can lead to tourist visitor visas being cancelled and refusal of entry to the UK.

Can dependents accompany a visit ?

It is not possible to add dependant family members to a UK tourist visa application. However, they may submit their own application which will usually be processed at the same time as the ‘main applicant’.

Where should I apply for a UK visitor visa ?

All applications submitted in accordance with the UK Standard Visitor Rules must be made from outside of the UK.

How long does it take for a visa to be processed ?

UKVI aim to process tourist visit visas as follows:

Visa applications submitted outside of the UK:

Standard processing: 15 working days

Priority Service processing: 5 working days

Important: UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) do not guarantee processing times and delays do occur. We advise that you do not book any non refundable travel until your visa has been approved and your work visa is in your possession. Priority services can be suspended without notice and may not be available at the time of application.

How much does a UK visitor visa cost ?

The UKVI application fees are as follows:

Up to 6 months: £115

Up to 2 years: £400

Up to 5 years: £771

Up to 10 years: £963

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